Saturday, 22 March 2014

The must-have shoes for Spring/Summer 2014

Like many, I tend to get dressed from the feet up. Pick the right shoes and everything else will follow...
Shoes are also the most accessible way into the new season trends. Not many of us can afford the Burberry lace twin-sets or the Mulberry short suits, but we might be able to invest in a pair of their vinyl sandals or platform heels.
Get the must-have shoe of the season and, not only will you have all your friends drooling with envy, but it will act like a sartorial shot in the arm to the rest of your wardrobe – everything else will inevitably follow.
Here’s the hottest pairs of shoes – designer and high street – that we’re currently lusting after for spring/summer 2014. Guaranteed to change your wardrobe..... :)

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