Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Must Have Spring Accessories Special..!!!!

Here comes the Spring season which also brings lot of colour experiments to do, new outfit combo and juggling of cool trendy accessories...!!

Whether you add a stacked crystal necklace to dress up your corporate button-down, or a candy-colored bauble to offset a neutral ensemble, the right necklace can avoid a look from becoming bland like a true hero piece should. Below are some of my favorite 2015 necklace trends that refuse to surrender to even the most lifeless ensembles…!!


Gone are the days when only neckpieces were added to your look to make it classy and trendy.. With this spring here are some extraordinary knuckle rings which blends completely with each and every attire you think off..!!!

And last but not the least my latest love EARCUFFS... I have gone crazy about different earcuff patterns. It simple adds a sparkle effect in your look making u look kewwwllll and trendy..!!! SO girls get ready to try these awesome earcuffs..!!!